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Mr. Samir Singla

President, Tamil Nadu Cycling Club

TAMIL NADU CYCLING CLUB (TCC) : Mr. Samir Singla, President, Tamil Nadu Cycling Club

“Tamil Nadu Cycling Club (TCC) is proud to be associated with Neville’s D2D event since its inception in 2012 and is a honour to be part of the impeccable growth and popularity of this great initiative and cycling for a charitable cause.

TCC in co-operation and support from the entire cycling community has successfully conducted the events over years keeping safety as the top most priority and the motto being “No Helmet No Ride”. D2D is honoured to have TCC who play an active part to promote the vision of D2D.”

Ms. Sabina


TAMIL NADU CYCLING CLUB (TCC) : Mr. Samir Singla, President, Tamil Nadu Cycling Club

“A clean city is the first step to moving towards healthy living practices in alignment with the objectives of D2D marathon. We are also happy to associate with CCC campaign to bring awareness to the people of Chennai through the D2D event to keep our city clean and lead a healthy life. 

We are very happy to associate with D2D team in its mission to popularize everybody to keep good health and raising funds for charity. It’s really great to see good participation and from young to old and family taking part in D2D event”

Ms. Rinku Mecheri

Founder, Chennai Volunteer

CHENNAI VOLUNTEERS : Ms. Rinku Mecheri, Founder, Chennai Volunteer

“Chennai Volunteers is happy to be associated as volunteer partner for D2D 2018. Since this is one of the largest annual race events in the city that supports a charitable cause, promotes a healthy lifestyle and includes all citizens of our city across age groups, we do look forward to taking part in this.

Last year, the volunteers had a great time helping out with different facets of the event, especially handling the smooth function of the race.

We think that the next best way to feel the magic of this event is to be present as a volunteer. We have seen a trend from last year that some volunteers get so inspired and motivated when they volunteer at the run, that they take up running as a hobby and we encourage that as well.”

Mr. K.Vasanthans

Director, My Race Timing Solutions

MY RACE INDIA : Mr. K.Vasanthan, Director, My Race Timing Solutions

As a timing and event service partner, My Race Timing Solutions provides support for sporting events across the country each year. For D2D Marathon, My Race Timing Solutions looks after the complete distribution of the Bibs numbers and provided event services that includes support for e.g. responding to questions at the help desk, recording late and changed registrations, starter package pickup and late registration cash collection for spot registration at the Bib distribution venue. Also provide best possible support to thousands of D2D participants who has participated, My Race published event participant certificates on www.myraceIndia.com

“We at My Race are extremely happy to be part of Neville’s D2D marathon since 2016 and to support the worthy causes. The event is significant for the running & cycling sport since the entire community come together supporting the cause”